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Dungannon Blvd


I have a classic, clean, beautiful home to show you today.  When I first met with this client she told me that they had recently moved into a new home and she was using this opportunity to change her darker traditional style to a lighter, cleaner look.  She had already purchased a sofa, 4 chairs, and a fantastic massive leather ottoman.  She had laid some solid groundwork!

Truly, details are my favorite thing, so this was very fun for me.  Her built in bookshelves were huge so I filled them with beautiful picture frames and vases.

Finley 1Finley 2

I added a weathered wooden side table for drinks and books, a floor lamp for reading light, and a pair of pillows in the chairs that coordinates with the ottoman that she already had.  Finley 3

Finley 4

I also had a little fun with pillows on the sofa and another pair for the chairs.  I added a tray to hold drinks and a box to corral remotes to the ottoman for some pretty practicality. Finley 5Finley 6

The dining table was also already in place.  I traded out the oversized, dark sideboard for a lovely mirrored one that bounces light around the room so beautifully.  Finley 7

These pale blue crystal lamps I found are show stoppers! Finley 8Finley 9

I also added a family photo wall in the hallway.   Just add photos.Finley 10

My client also had some pretty impressive oil paintings in heavy, ornate gold frames.  She decided to pay her son’s college tuition instead of reframing them so I had them silver-leafed to mute them and cause them to recess into the gray walls.  Now the art isn’t competing with anything.  I also added this console table to anchor the wall. Finley between 10 and 11

The foyer had a little inset at the bottom of the stairs where I decided to add a pair of benches.  This is a great space to put on shoes and the benches will pull double duty as added seating in the living room during parties. Finley 11

Sometime you need a major reno at home and sometimes all you need in is icing on the cake.  Either way I’m happy to oblige! Finley 12