Glen Meade

Glen Meade

I really enjoyed working on this beautiful home. I think it was so enjoyable because my client had so many pieces of art and antique furniture that held meaning to her.  When we first spoke she said, “I love my antiques, but my house just feels like old people live here”… and they aren’t anywhere near old!  This job was all about editing accessories, reupholstering seating, swapping out mirrors, a few lamps and lots of pillows and accessories.  Get ready to be jealous of a beautiful art collection….

Y’all know I love to show you the before so you can enjoy the transformation with me.



We kept the client’s rug, sofa, blue chairs, and antique chests.  I swapped all of the pillows and the mirror over the chest.  I took away lamps on the chest and added a beautiful powder blue lamp near the windows.

Bullard Living 1I swapped out the framed embroidery work for these peaceful marsh scenes. 

Bullard Living 3I took down the floral curtains and had these beautiful lavender/gray panels made with embroidered detail.

Bullard Living 2

Bullard Living 4Both of these antique chairs were reupholstered.

Bullard Living 6

Bullard Living 7

The furniture replacement with the most impact was the coffee table.  This new table has a white granite top and bold, brassy repeating circles.  It is classy and coordinates so well with all of the older pieces, yet it really youngs the place up!
Bullard Living 8

Here is the before of the dining room, again filled with heirloom pieces, but in need of some refreshment.


Dining chair:

Such an understated transformation.  I changed the colorful rug for a muted Viscose rug in a Greek key pattern.

Bullard Dining 1New lamps, new mirror, new accessories

Bullard Dining 2

Bullard Dining 3

New fabric on the chairsBullard Dining 4And my most favorite easy fix – I used her existing curtains, but had my seamstress remove the mauve tassels and replace with a subdued trim in a pretty green and blue chain link pattern.

Bullard Dining 5

Her breakfast table was great, so we just traded in these basic wooden chairs….


…..for these vintage metal bamboo chairs.  I had these reupholstered and painted and they are fabulous!

Bullard Bfast TableI added some airy Regina Andrews pendants above the bar and painted the barstools.

Bullard KitchenThis is their sunroom (that I would like to live in all day).  The goal here was to make it feel like an extension of the house.  I used a durable flatweave rug to define the space and made the sunroom feel like a living room by using lamps and lots of upholstered pieces.

Bullard Sunrm

Bullard Sunrm 2

Here are some befores of their main den (I promise I’m going to remember to take better before shots).

Main living:   Main:   Main living:

And after!  I kept the client’s rug and used it as color palate.  I added some lamps with some glam and some height.

Bullard Den 1I recovered the sofa and loveseat in a dusty blue velour and added pillows…. y’all know how I love pillows.

Bullard Den 2I kept her current side chair, but defined the space on this side of the room by layering on a hide rug and adding a side table.

Bullard Den 3

The mantle got some love when I moved over my favorite of her pieces of art.  I layered it in front of a mirror that didn’t compete.  I also mingled her vintage pottery with a punchy new striped jar.  And for the most impact in this room we ditched the red leather chair and brought in this tobacco swivel leather chair that is from Pottery Barn.  It is low profile, but still very comfy.  I paired it with a flocked ottoman and a great pillow and it fits right in.

Bullard Den 5

There you have it, a lovely mix of old and new.  When a home feels beautiful and functional, peaceful and pretty all while remaining a representation of the client I call that a success!