Davis Bedroom

Davis Bedroom

I can’t look at these pictures without smiling!  I worked on this 9yr old girl’s bedroom as her birthday surprise.   She had requested, “nothing girly!” to her mom weeks before when they talked about her room so I went with funky instead.  We knew that she liked these bird prints (that we originally bought for the living room that will be revealed soon)  and the colors in them, so they were the inspiration.   JD Naomi bed straight on

Next I found this lamp.  Do you ever plan an entire outfit around a pair of shoes? This is the kind of lamp that you design a room around.  It is seriously fabulous!  The nightstand is vintage and painted.  I bought her one of those little crystals because I knew she liked collected treasures and when I brought it in she already had one!  We were on the same wavelength!

JD Naomi nightstand

The headboard is bamboo and also vintage.  I sprayed it a shiny white (you made need to scroll back up to see it’s goodness again).  Like I said, I can’t look at those pom poms without smiling…

JD Naomi pompoms

Perfect little reading spot.  My kids were very sad to see this chair leave my office.  I chose simple white curtains with a navy trim.  Love this shot of the cockatoo in that glam round mirror.

JD Naomi chair

And here is where all the serious work gets done.  Hey, 3rd grade kicks it up a notch.  What really kicks it up a notch is that flocked fabric on the bulletin board.  Oh my word, can I wrap my office walls in that stuff?!  The ghost chair is a perfectly understated pairing.

JD Naomi desk

Didn’t want you to miss the alabaster base on this beauty.

JD Naomi desk lamp

Filled with light and personality!  Funky and glam at the same time.

JD Naomi whole room

I had to take a pic of the diary entry that was on her bulletin board when I came back to photograph.  There’s nothing better than a happy client

-“Liz the Diziner”

JD Naomi note